Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Cards of Support

Roscoe got some fun cards delivered to him from the Stiles children who attend the Sebastapol congregation. Jonah, Lily, and Micah made cards for Roscoe and had their dad deliver them when he met me for lunch a few days ago. We liked the creativity they showed, and I especially appreciate the unexpected formality of the card on the left which closes with "Signed, Jonah" (he is around 8 years old).

It encourages us to know that people are praying for Roscoe, but it is especially touching when children pray for him. There is something about children praying for other children that's so innocent. We have heard from parents all over the country who say their children will constantly remind them to include Roscoe in their prayers. Thank you all for training your children to consider the less fortunate and support others through prayer, Roscoe will someday grow to appreciate the compassion that his peers have shown for him.


  1. Homemade cards from kids are THE best! Ezra prays for Baby Roscoe (and Dorfy Nichols). :-D

  2. Beautiful cards.....beautiful baby!!!