Tuesday, October 29, 2013

All you need is Lungs

Yesterday they re-measured Roscoe's head and did an x-ray to check for any existence of brain bleeding. Thankfully no bleeding or other problems were found, meaning the previous measurement was just inaccurate! His head circumference is currently 25cm, which is just under 10 inches (put a tape measure in a circle to see how big that is).

The doctors also changed his ventilator (the machine powering his breathing tube) to a different model that oscillates. They said that when they x-rayed his lungs they saw that portions of his lungs weren't getting rid of carbon dioxide (which is what you breathe out), so the air in those parts wasn't getting used and his lungs weren't working at full capacity like they should. This new oscillating ventilator makes alot more noise and actually vibrates Roscoe's whole body slightly as he lays there. The nurse last night said that babies will stay on the oscillating ventilator anywhere from a few days to a month. We're not sure how long Roscoe will be on it, I guess that part is up to him!

The doctor also said that for the second or third check in a row he wasn't able to hear a heart murmur (the PDA valve open). God is continuing to bless us with health in all of the key areas (brain, heart, digestion) and a path to health in the others (lungs).

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  1. Shaun, I am amazed reading through your blog at what tremendous trials little Roscoe, Alisha and you have endured so far. What a fighter that little guy is. I am shocked by all that has happened during her pregnancy and birth especially naming her Dottie only to find out days later she's really a boy, on top of everything else going on with his health. I can't imagine what emotions you two are going through, but I hope and pray that he will come out of this stronger. I am having a baby in December, and we know that he has a heart defect so we are planning for surgeries and recovery, but it seems mild in comparison to the issues up against Roscoe. I don't know what to say to be encouraging or optimistic without sounding like a far off murmur of pity or over the top sugar-coated words. I just hope that everything improves and that your family grows stronger together from this trial.
    All the best,
    Misty Franklin Hemje