Saturday, October 5, 2013

Rules for Visitors

After delivery, our daughter will be in the NICU (newborn ICU) at Kaiser Roseville on the first floor of building B, the same building Alisha was in. You may come to the waiting room near the lobby, but we will only be bringing family back to see her. At this time we're not really wanting a large crowd of visitors (but we'll let you know when we do). We are only allowed to bring one family member at a time (and no kids under 12). There will be strict rules about washing hands and not allowing germs to enter the area.

We'll try to post pictures regularly and hopefully they'll show her progress from being a 1-pounder to something much bigger. Most sources have told us that we should expect for her to stay in the NICU until roughly her due date, which is December 24th.

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