Thursday, October 3, 2013

Crisis Averted

Last night we had a bit of a scare, with the doctors thinking that Alisha was developing pre-eclampsia. They explained that it was a condition of high blood pressure that only happens during pregnancy and is caused by the body's reaction to the placenta. When it happens the only cure is to take out the placenta, but that means the baby comes out too. From 7-11pm last night we were preparing for the reality of a C-section if the results of Alisha's lab work (done every 6-12 hours while this is a threat) came back with dire conditions.

Thanks to God's intervention and all of your prayers, Alisha's lab work showed the conditions lessening. The doctor said that according to the numbers, Alisha is in the "mild" range for pre-eclampsia. However, the baby is doing fine (healthy heartbeat) and Alisha isn't experiencing any other symptoms that usually accompany it (headache, dizziness, swelling, etc).

We were thankful that the doctor last night was cheery and upbeat about the situation, so it helped lighten the mood and eased our concerns about an imminent delivery. It also helped that the doctor looked like Tina Fey:

They had a little Texas reunion in Alisha's room last night (hence the "hook em" horns). The doctor was from Denton, TX and the nurse was from Fort Worth, TX. Since they'd all grown up in Texas they talked about terminology differences ("fixinto", "usedtocould", "chunk") and other stuff from their home state. It was a pleasing end to a tumultous night.

They will continue monitoring Alisha closely (they took her blood pressure at 1am and 2am, then more lab work at 10am), but so far her blood pressure has remained normal and she isn't showing any other signs.

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