Sunday, October 6, 2013

First Hat

She got her first hat shortly after her arrival to the newborn ICU to keep her head warm. Her head is a tad smaller than a baseball, her arms are about as thick as a crayola marker, her fingers are as thick as spaghetti noodles, and her tongue is as big as a fingernail. In the video below the nurse is putting her hat back on after an x-ray to try and keep her warm.

She doesn't have hardly any body fat so they have a bed warmer to lay her on, then overlayed with a plastic sheet (to insulate any heat she generates), and on top of that some hand warmer packages:

Since she has been through so much trauma today, the nurses are trying to re-create a womb environment with the heat and tight bundling that she's used to. Hopefully we'll have some other pictures to share tomorrow.


  1. What a cutie.....The first member of your baseball team

  2. She's precious. I'm praying that she grows bigger every day and that her heart and lungs continue to strengthen.
    She is such a precious blessing!
    Love you three!

  3. Thanks for sharing Shaun. I've been thinking about all of you all day. We've prayed so many times, and will keep praying. She's precious. Isn't it amazing to think that Gods does that!!!! She's a whole person! A little one, but a whole person. Glory to God for this day.

  4. I am keeping you and Alisha in my prayers, Shaun. I pray for strength and good health as she continues to grow! She is a miracle!

  5. I am praying for you and your family. May God reign in Alisha and your lives. May God reign in your daughter's life as well. To God be the glory GREAT things he has done!

  6. She is beautiful, continuing with prayers for your family, Faith goes a long way! Thank you so much for sharing your little miracle with us.