Saturday, October 26, 2013

God's Handiwork

We went to see Roscoe last night and his color has improved over the past few days. As his conditions got worse earlier this week (before they put the breathing tube back in), his color had gotten a little pale but we hadn't really noticed. Once they got him on antibiotics his color returned.

Presently he still has the heart murmur (PDA valve open) and is still dealing with an infection, but he's very stable. The doctors said that as long as he continues to improve and grow, they won't be concerned enough about the PDA valve closing to do surgery. Surgery would only be done if his conditions worsen. Thankfully, God caused Roscoe to reach 1lb 6oz, which is 3oz above his birth weight. The nurses weighed him 3 times just to be sure that it wasn't an incorrect measurement.

When you see Roscoe in person, it is such a wonderful sight. The video captures some of the details, but there's nothing like standing in front of a baby this small with completely formed hands, fingernails, digits, knuckles elbows, belly button, ribs, knees, toes, eyelids, tongue, nose, and lips. Looking at him you can just see the power of God working.

To put it into perspective, those who've met me in person know I'm not a big person. I weigh right around 150lbs, so I'm on the small side for an average adult male. By comparison, Roscoe is 1% of my size. That means if he was an action figure, he'd be marked with "1:100 scale". It is simply awesome to see God's handiwork:


  1. He is a little fighter. Makes me smile just to see him. God is indeed an awesome God. So thankful to Him for you three.