Saturday, October 5, 2013

C-Section Scheduled

The doctors scheduled a Caesarian section for tomorrow morning at 10:30am. They are doing this now (even though the baby looks good) because Alisha had more lab results come back from a test on Thursday, and those lab results showed that she definitely has pre-eclampsia in a mild form. The doctor said pre-eclampsia only stays and increases once it takes hold (it doesn't fade away). They are delivering tomorrow because it lets them do so in a controlled way, rather than responding to a possibly dangerous situation.

"Eclampsia" means stroke, so what they're saying is that Alisha is starting to progress towards high blood pressure that would end in a stroke if left untreated. Right now her blood pressure is only 125-130/80, but they said that within the course of a day it could elevate to dangerous levels. The dangerous levels would risk Alisha's health and the baby's health. The risks of pre-eclampsia only persist 24 hours after delivery, so Alisha will be danger-free in 24 hours (and will be monitored until then).

Though 28 weeks and 5 days (3 months premature) isn't an ideal time to be born, the doctors have chosen this time as the point when our daughter will have a better chance of survival outside the womb than inside it. The C-section will take roughly 45 minutes, at which point Alisha will be brought to a recovery room and I'll go to the NICU (which we toured earlier this week) to be with our daughter. I will be allowed to take pictures, so hopefully I'll be able to post one within a day or two.

Please pray for safety in delivery and a healthy start to our daughter's life living for God. We know he is listening to our prayers (we prayed for 500g and got it on the button). Fill his ears with prayers for her and he will certainly come to our rescue.


  1. We have been filling His ears all day and evening, and will continue. Love you all...

  2. Just found your Facebook post through one of my FB friends commenting on it. Will be praying for a safe & healthy delivery & recovery for both Mom & baby! God bless you all!

    Pat & Kenneth St. John
    Paris, TX congregation (formerly of Covina, CA)

  3. Talking to God continually for Alisha and Baby Wackerly and for you too, Shaun. I trust God will work it all out perfectly in His own special way. Love to you three.

  4. Love you three!
    We're praying hard!

  5. our prayers are with you this morning we will continue to pray that the lord touch your family with his healing hand.