Monday, October 28, 2013

Visible Progress

Alisha and I visited Roscoe last night with some family who had seen him about 2 weeks ago. Everyone who hadn't seen him in a few weeks noticed that he was visibly bigger than he was before. They also remarked that he looked more filled out. The doctors told us that his last weigh-in measured 705g, which translates to almost 1lb 9oz. This was taken after a blood transfusion, so that might account for some of the weight gain, but he has definitely grown.

The video below was taken late last week (Friday or Saturday) and Alisha told me it's her favorite one so far because of how much he's looking around and you can see his little mind working:

Last night they said that his head measured significant growth from last week, more growth than they like to see. They said there are two reasons for more-than-expected head growth:
  1. He has bleeding in his brain that is causing increased pressure. Since his skull bones aren't fused, it won't impact his neural development. This bleeding would have had to start in the past 4 days, since an ultrasound on the 23rd showed no bleeding at all.
  2. The previous or current measurement was inaccurate. This is what I suspect occurred, because 2 weeks ago his head measured 23cm and last week his head measured 21cm. Yesterday it measured 25cm, so my suspicion is that the 21cm measurement was inaccurate.
Today they will be re-measuring Roscoe's head and possibly doing another ultrasound to check for bleeding. Please continue praying that his brain stays safe and this is just an inaccurate measurement.


  1. Roscoe is so adorable. Nic is blowing him kisses. Sending love and prayers!

  2. These videos are so precious! Keep 'em coming!
    We're praying for you every day, Roscoe!
    Love you!

  3. He is so sweet! It is wonderful to see him alert and looking around! We will continue, as always, to lift him up in prayer! Love you guys and love that precious Roscoe!

  4. We caught the wave from Roscoe to his praying viewing audience ~ Prayers flowing for continued progress with much love!

  5. He's looking so good! I love that little yawn.

  6. I love the way he's looking around and looking so alert . So precious!