Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mild Improvements

Yesterday our boy had some mild improvements. The doctor called around 5pm and we went to see him shortly afterwards. The doctor said that things were trending in the right direction: his heart rate was 150s-160s, the heart murmur was less audible, and he wasn't having near as many heartbeat drops. She noticed that his lungs weren't working at full capacity as they should, so there's some weakness or development issue that needs to be worked out there.

The doctor also added that she did some x-rays to check for infection, and thankfully didn't find any signs of infection or damage in his intestinal tract. According to the doctor, infection in his intestines can cause damage that is very hard to recover from. She called it a "blessing" and I was very thankful to hear that news. We are hoping that the anti-biotics (or God himself directly) will rid my little boy's body of any infections.

He is still back on the breathing tube to ease the strain on his small lungs. The doctors said that with how small he is, it was actually odd that he wasn't on the breathing tube (we can thank God for that). Now that he's back on it, hopefully it'll give his lungs and other organs time to mature and grow. He's still back within 1oz of his birth weight.

These two videos are ones that Alisha took last night. It was pretty low light so that's why they're a little grainy. You can see him blinking alot in this first one:

and in this second one he reaches out toward the camera:

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  1. Were they feeding him in these videos?
    It looks like he is sucking (which I was wondering if he was able to do).
    He is so sweet!
    Love you three!