Friday, October 18, 2013

No News is Good News

Things are remaining stable for Dottie. The past few nights we've visited, her heartbeat has steadily dropped more toward the normal range (although it's still on the high side). She is up to 4mL of milk every 3 hours now, and the doctors keep saying that she's tolerating the food increases well. She hadn't gained much weight overall yet, but the doctors said that's fine as long as she isn't repeatedly losing weight. Right now she is at 1lb 4oz and they weigh her each night to track her progress.

Alisha sent me this picture today to show me once again that Dottie sleeps like I do. It almost looks like a small version of my college dorm room, aside from the heart patterns everywhere.

A few days ago, one of the nurses let us take home one of Dottie's blood pressure arm cuffs so we'd have it for the memory of how small she once was. This would be her equivalent of the black strap they wrap onto your bicep when they take your blood pressure measurement. As you can see, hers is a bit smaller:

And then here's a picture that Alisha took of one of Dottie's diapers. The part where the "Pampers" label is we have to fold down because even this preemie diaper is way too big for her.

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