Friday, October 4, 2013

"Each day has enough trouble of its own" (Matthew 6:34)

Alisha has gone through alot of stressful days since her hospital stay started. Some of the things she's had to deal with so far include:
  • Diagnosed with glucose intolerance
  • Diagnosed with an under-active thyroid
  • Diagnosed as being anemic
  • Suspected of mild pre-eclampsia
  • Having a PICC line inserted (tube from her arm to her heart)
  • Developed an ongoing rash (1+ weeks) around the PICC insertion
  • Received two sets of steroid injections
  • Put on a magnesium sulfate IV 3 times
  • Her bed broke in the middle of the night, started alarming, and then got replaced
  • A nurse intentionally walk in on her (twice) in the bathroom (minus points for "bedside manners").
Here's photo of our little trooper using ice packs a few days ago trying to relieve the rash and flush feelings while on a magnesium sulfate IV.

We thought she was past all the difficulties because yesterday she had a great day with the baby's heartbeat looking healthy, very few contractions, and no health scares. She even got a wonderful dinner from Donna Long and a visit from several others that day. However, around 9pm that night we were relaxing and talking when the fire alarms started going off in the hallway. A nurse came in and told Alisha that not only was there a fire alarm, but somehow it was triggered in her room (as indicated by the flashing indicator above her door shown below).
About 6-8 hospital staff came around the room and panicked while they tried to determine if it was a real fire, and whether or not they should call off the Roseville fire department truck that was ready to roll out. Luckily all it took was removing the smoke detector, cleaning the connectors, and reconnecting it. Overall it was a great day!

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