Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Facial Expressions

Here are some facial expressions that I caught early Monday before they bundled her up to keep her warm. Dottie is much more bundled than this now. As she went from comfortable to uncomfortable, her eyebrows and forehead would change position. We couldn't hear her cry because the breathing tube completely fills her airway. It looks like Dottie has blond hair!

Dottie has an IV running into her left foot, another IV running into her belly button, and the rest of the lines are temperature and other sensors. They have her breathing tube taped to her cheeks so that it doesn't get dislodged when she moves (or gets moved).

... and this is how she looked when she met Alisha for the first time.

Later on tonight I hope to make it home and upload a video that shows her blinking her eyes!


  1. Sweet pictures!
    It looks like she is trying to suck her thumb in one.

    And Javan said that's good that she has blond hair because "when she grows up a little" you can take pictures of her dressed like Alice. ;o)

  2. Thank you for sharing Shaun. She is truly her name....Gift of God. Love you guys!

  3. Amazing! I like the 5th picture down--looks like a smile...or crying ;) Either way, adorable!
    -Liz Nichols