Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Baby and a Pencil

This is a fun video that I took yesterday. I was filming her about to get some tests done, then the nurse offered to put a pencil next to her so everyone could see by comparison. The nurse often says she's small and fiesty. She moves alot whenever they try to put her into a position she doesn't like. She seems to like being on the stomach more than on her back, as that's when she's most calm like this. Watch the video in full-screen to see all the details.


  1. She's so precious!

    Westin said: "I would like her and kiss her when she grows up!"
    Lacie said: "I love her! She's super cute!"
    Javan said: "I can't wait til she grows up!"

  2. Great things come in small packages. She is simply amazing.

  3. Shaun and Alisha... you are a shining light to those around you! Dottie is beautiful and we look forward to your updates and assure you that you are all in our constant prayers!! In Him
    Steven & Donna Lancaster

  4. What a blessing she is, and what a blessed little girl! She has so many people praying for her all over the country! -Liz Nichols