Wednesday, October 2, 2013

More Decorations!

Moriah Shores and the kids came by last week to spruce up Alisha's room with some handmade decorations. All of the nurses comment on how festive Alisha's room has become. The Shores kids made these colored banners with both of our names. The scribble in the upper left corner is a "flower" that Lane drew.

They also made banners for Alisha's bathroom door to remind us that they (and others) are praying for Alisha and the baby. It really encouraged Alisha to have this personal touch added to what she sees every day.

A few days ago Alisha started this paper chain where she adds a new link each day that she's in the hospital and still pregnant. We hung it near her disco ball by the window, underneath the heart banner.


  1. I hope that paper chain gets loooooooong!
    Love the decorations!

  2. I love the paper chain! I am contemplating what my decor addition will be............. Love you guys!