Friday, October 25, 2013

Naming our baby: Take #2

Once we found out that we had a boy instead of a girl, we had to go back to the drawing board. Alisha worked very hard over several months to settle on the name "Dottie Monroe" (which is why she wants to use it for our first real daughter). We had to scrounge up the previous name option list we'd built up for boys before the 20-week ultrasound. We added some, removed others, then winnowed the list down to a few final choices. Alisha gave me a wonderful gift and let me do the final name selection, so if you don't like his name then blame me. If you like it, then she deserves credit for filtering out the "bad" choices I could make ("Mortimer", "Lazarus", "Wolfgang").

Our baby boy's name is:

Roscoe Nolan Wackerly

Did you guess it? :)

We just liked the name "Roscoe", so there aren't any family relatives or historical figures he's named after. I picked "Nolan" after Nolan Ryan who was a pitcher on two Texas teams (Astros, Rangers) and one California team (Angels), because like him our boy will love baseball and be a little bit of California and a little bit of Texas.


  1. No, I didn't guess it! Roscoe fits perfectly and is not a common name! YAY! We can finally call him Roscoe instead of baby Wackerly!

  2. Great name! Roscoe will be in our prayers!!

  3. Much better than Mortimer. ;o) Loving Roscoe, the reason for his name, and the two people who helped create him.