Sunday, October 6, 2013

Bright Flowers

While the C-section is taking place, I thought I'd share something cheery.

One of the things that has really brightened Alisha's room (and spirits) has been the flowers she's received. The second morning she was in the hospital, she received flowers from Cullen & Julie. She was absolutely surprised because she didn't even know how they got her room number, much less how they'd managed to send flowers so quickly. Later that day, Peggy showed up with fresh-cut roses from her garden. We took pictures of those flowers with Alisha's big camera, so I won't be able to get the pictures until later. Below are some other flowers she received this past week:

In the picture below, on the left are pink flowers in a pink mason jar from Steve & Colleen. On the right are bright flowers in an antique vase from Fred & Donna. Alisha already has future plans for these jars once she gets back home!

And here's Alisha arranging some of the flowers during one of the two 20-minute periods during the day where she was able to walk or move around the room.

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