Thursday, October 24, 2013

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

The doctor gave us another update yesterday. Our boy is still stable and it's more of the same from yesterday. The heart murmur (PDA valve open) is still audible and he still has weakness in his lungs so he needs additional breathing support. However, his heart rate is still in the range it should be (150's-160's). His intestines still look safe from infection, so that's very good news.

Some other great news we got yesterday was that the minor brain bleeding he had last week has disappeared by this week. They weren't concerned with the bleeding he had before because it was so minor, but they said it's a good sign that it's cleared up completely.

We don't have any new pictures from yesterday, so the video below is a few days old. You'll notice that he has the breathing mask on in these videos because they were taken a few hours before he had his big drops and got put back on the breathing tube. In this one you can see his face pretty clearly:

and in this one he's moving his feet a lot:

God is keeping him stable! Hopefully in the next 1-2 days we'll post his name so everyone can stop thinking of him as "Dottie".

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  1. Our dear friends~ you and baby boy have been in all of our prayers continually!
    We wanted to send word from Wyvonee Carter in Yuba City that her best boss ever is now a healthy 86 yrs with a sound mind and body after a birth wt of 1 lb 86 years ago :) We serve such an awesome God! Thanks for allowing us into your heart spaces~ much love from Ben and Lanai and family <3