Friday, June 27, 2014

A Day of Healing

Although Roscoe's recovery is something to talk about, it isn't the biggest news in San Francisco this weekend. As luck would have it, Alisha and I will be in San Francisco attending to Roscoe while other parts of the city attend the gay pride parade and associated events around town. We are guessing that the influx of people this weekend will negatively effect our commute time, but give us some colorful scenery.

Since our commute to the hospital runs directly through the Castro district, we figure we'll get our fair share of visuals this weekend, even though we won't be at the parade itself. Our conversation recently went something like this:
Alisha: "How many naked people do you think we will see this weekend?"
Shaun: "It depends what you mean by 'naked'. Like fully naked with nothing on, probably 5."
Alisha: "Yeah, I was going to guess 4."
Shaun: "If you mean partial nudity, then probably lots."

I thought it especially hilarious that our commute took us directly past the following street in the Castro:

If you think I'm making this up, you can check it out the interactive street view on Google Maps.


  1. Good for you finding the humor in a situation where it is otherwise lacking. I think you have the better end of the bargain being with Roscoe at the hospital, that is for certain! That coming from someone who had spent a lot of time in hospitals! I pray you are able to see some of that healing take place quickly!

  2. posting a picture of that street sign doesn't surprise me one bit.
    It's like it's your duty or something.

    1. Hey I meant to reply to your comment! Look below Tif!

  3. said duty.....doodie......doody. However you spell it, it sounds funny!

    1. That's why I said it, Rachelle. :o)

  4. That's my boy!!!

    ps: cute Rachelle : )