Friday, June 6, 2014

Facial Freedom

Today Roscoe turns 8 months old. What kid wouldn't love two shiny new surgeries to celebrate their birthday? We are praying that today goes smoothly. Roscoe's tracheostomy will leave him with an inconvenient device attached to a hole in his neck, but the benefits will hopefully outweigh the aggravation. One of the biggest benefits for us is that we'll get to see his face much more regularly.

A few days ago, Alisha was lucky enough to be present when one of Roscoe's regular nurses (Rena) was giving him a bath. The stickers and tubes on his face were getting a little ragged, so she removed everything from his face. This was the first time Alisha has ever seen her baby's face without something on it, so of course she snapped a bunch of pictures while he sat in his bed:

... and while Rena held him sitting up:

Rena has a great ability to make Roscoe laugh, so she obliged us and got him to smile for this unique photoshoot:

I didn't get to see him like this in person, so I'm anticipating the day when I get to see his entire face in person. I hope these pictures make you smile as big as they make me smile.


  1. What a precious boy God had given you! He had a beautiful smile with or without his mask on, but it was nice to see him without it. I pray today's surgeries go well.

  2. He is a perfect combination of you and Alisha! So beautiful! And such a great smile! Praying today does the trick and God starts his journey home to a happy, healthy life!

  3. He's so precious! It's so fun to see him without anything on his face.
    We're praying today (& every day).
    Love you three!

  4. I love seeing his sweet, perfect little face!