Saturday, June 21, 2014

Wall Art

The hospital has lots of art and decorations on the walls, so once in a while we'll walk by something and it will catch our interest. Some of you may remember the gratitude tree that was painted onto the wall on the 7th floor where Roscoe is housed. We walked by the tree today and it had grown much more full through 5 months of messages of healing. The messages were from parents and from the kids themselves who had been healed:
Early February 2014

Mid June 2014

I was surprised to find our gratitude leaves still on the tree, exactly how we'd left them. The messages we wrote are just as applicable now as they were back then:

Then on the 6th floor I ran across this signed jersey in the Barry Bonds children's wing. It is his signed jersey from the 2007 all-star game. Although I appreciate his generosity, I think this jersey would have been more appropriately hung in the pharmacy.


  1. Burrrrn!

    But seriously though. That gratitude tree is precious. Us Florences are praying for you three everyday!

  2. I love the tree. Still praying for you three.