Saturday, June 28, 2014

Baby Einstein

With Roscoe waking up from sedatives but unable to be held, we've had to figure out some ways to keep his mind occupied. We recently purchased a set of "Baby Einstein" DVDs because we knew he'd need some stimulation and there's only so much that we can give him at the bedside before it gets old or before we're worn out. Without the ability to take him outside and show him the wonders of creation, we had to settle for some baby/toddler-oriented visuals from Disney.

Here are videos from the first time he watched them a few days ago. They seemed to really catch his interest, without over-stimulating him. The movements were slow, the sounds were dull, and there was minimal flashing/movement.

We hope that these shows will assist Roscoe's development by introducing him to colors, sounds, numbers, shapes, and concepts that he wouldn't encounter until later on.