Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Mild Improvement

Today Roscoe has had a mild improvement over yesterday. He was relatively stable through the night (the key word being "relatively"). We got a good amount of sleep at Amy & Ricardo's house and then when we arrived to see Roscoe this morning he was down to 70% oxygen, 15ppm nitric oxide, and a lower rate of 40 breaths/minute. By comparison, last night he was at 90-100% oxygen, 20ppm nitric oxide, and a rate of 50 breaths/minute.

Since we arrived he has stayed somewhat steady at 70% oxygen, with his oxygenation staying in the low 90's. It looks like we are on a road of extremely slow progress back towards his baseline. Alisha and I are starting to identify nurses which we like and those we don't, based mainly on how quickly they react to Roscoe's ups and downs. It is a comforting thing to be able to leave him with a nurse that we trust. When Roscoe has a nurse that doesn't react very quickly then it troubles us to leave him alone for fear that she will fail to give him the support/care that he needs when he needs it.

PS: I apologize for the late update, the wireless internet access here at UCSF has been pretty horrible today.


  1. We will take slow and steady. God will provide you the strength needed to continue being where you need to be. Roscoe is a precious boy! Love you 3!

  2. Thank you to God!! Again...virtual hugs!

  3. Improvement of any kind is a step in the right direction. Roscoe is quite a fighter! Praying for more improvement.

  4. I am thankful to hear of your good amount of sleep. Thank You, God for that blessing for Mom and Dad Wackerly. It is also a testimony of Ricardo and Amy's hospitality. Thank You, God fnr the generous and kind hospitality of dear friends in Christ.

  5. Praying daily for this little guy.

  6. Thank you for touching Roscoe even when he's sleeping.
    Loving touch is so important......
    Love to you all!