Tuesday, June 3, 2014

First Visit with Cousins

Roscoe got to meet the first of his cousins during this past week. For those who didn't see the update on facebook from my sister, her 3 children (Lacie, Javan, Westin) got to come and visit Roscoe. Unfortunately the NICU has a minimum age limit of 12 years old, to prevent the spread of disease. This meant that none of the cousins could come and see Roscoe in person, so they had to settle for looking in from the exterior window:


Roscoe had already fallen asleep for the night, so they were just looking at him sleeping with the CPAP mask covering his face, but they still enjoyed it quite a bit. Then last night, they came back and brought his other cousins (Lucy, Ellie) to see him without the face mask. Roscoe was luckily awake, so I got to play the role of proud dad and hold him within 2 feet of the window as he looked out at them.


  1. I love these photographs! One of the things that I found difficult about having our little one so early, and with so many challenges, is that a solemnness took place of the joyous greetings I hoped for with Phin's arrival. These photos are a reminder that those opportunities have not been lost. The joy of "first meeting" radiates here, and fills my heart. Thanks so much for sharing these.

  2. It was so fun to get to let the kids see Roscoe "in person". Even through the glass, it was such a sweet experience. It is different from just seeing him in pictures or videos.
    I wish you could have heard all the sweet comments the kids were making. They sure do love their little cousin!