Saturday, June 14, 2014

Still Here

I just checked in on Roscoe and he did okay overnight. His heart rate stayed in the 140's, which is an improvement over the high of 180 that we saw yesterday, but not yet back to where his true resting rate would be at 100. His oxygen saturation stayed at mostly good levels and when it dipped below 94, they suctioned his lungs and he came back up. The doctor gave the order last night not to take him off of 100% oxygen, so he hasn't been weaned from that level of support.

The nurse did comment that the mucus coming from his lungs looks thicker now, so hopefully this indicates that the cold may have done all of the spreading it will do. The doctors feel that once he can get past this cold, it will make his road much easier. Alisha and I commented to each other yesterday that while we wish we could have taken him home in April as planned, if he'd have been in our care and caught a cold like this and been back in critical condition, then we certainly would have blamed ourselves. At least the route we have taken will spare us that anguish.

Please continue your prayers for stability in his vital signs, healing in his lungs and heart, and most of all for intercession by our creator. Roscoe needs God's healing hand to reach out and touch him.


  1. Thank you, God, for the progress so far.
    We'll keep praying!!!

  2. Praying for him, for all of you. And shedding some tears as well.

  3. One precious day at a time and many, many prayers! Thank you God!!!