Friday, June 13, 2014

Critical Condition

Roscoe was doing fine through the night until he had an xray around 11am. The good news is that the xray showed a dramatic improvement in his lungs (probably due to nitric oxide). The bad news is that the disruption of getting an xray triggered his hypertension again and he desaturated. Right now he is on constant watch and Alisha and I are at the hospital (no visitors please).

A heart echo showed that his hypertension is putting added pressure on his heart. If it continues, this could lead to heart failure. When we arrived his heart rate was staying at 180 and now it is down to 150. His normal rate is 100-120, so there is still some struggling going on.

The doctors suspect that he also caught a cold recently. With his body fighting a cold, healing from surgery, and his hypertension flaring up, Roscoe's health is at its limits. He is currently on the maximum pain medication, paralysis medication, and breathing support. Tonight he will have two nurses by his bedside due to his condition. He has never had two nurses before, even in his most fragile state shortly after he was born and had an infection.

We dont have much blog access, so this will be the last update until we get home late tonight.


  1. Many prayers being said in our home.

  2. Praying for this little man and your family

  3. Praying! Praying! Praying! Fight hard Roscoe! There's lots of love going your way. Keep up the good fight, buddy!

  4. We're praying!
    Love you three!