Saturday, June 7, 2014

Getting Weighed

Roscoe gets weighed every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. After barely crossing the 10lb mark last week, he's fluctuated in weight and has remained about the same this week. Yesterday he weighed 10lb 3oz, but that was prior to a long stretch with no food, so he probably weighs less today.

To weigh Roscoe, first they move a portable digital scale to the side of the bed. Then they remove all of his clothes except his diaper and calibrate the scale to account for the weight of his diaper. Then when the scale reads 0.0lbs they put him onto it to get the reading. If he's wearing his breathing mask, they hold the tubes in the air so that the weight of the tubes won't count towards his total.

Here's what the whole process looks like:

The good part is that even though he hasn't gained much weight in a week, he continues to look taller and taller each day. Clothes are baggy around his midsection, but tight around his legs and diaper area. If they had to choose, the doctors would rather Roscoe grow lengthwise (because it's long-term growth), rather than merely gaining baby fat. I guess that's true for all of us non-babies as well: we'd rather be tall and skinny than stay the same height and get fatter.

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