Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Comforting Words

Roscoe is on heavy sedatives which are gradually being decreased. His heart rate remains high due to his pulmonary hypertension, but also because he is being given albuterol (an inhalant that improves lung function) and diuretics (to get rid of excess fluids). Both the albuterol and diuretics have the potential to raise his heart rate. He will look normal and comfortable, but when he is awake his heart rate got into the 180-190 range if he was even mildly active. When he is in a deep sleep his heart rate will be 160, when previously it hovered around 90-100 in deep slumber.

To combat the high heart rate, Alisha and I will read books to him. Though he is sleeping, we know that he hears our voice and it comforts him. The pictures below are of Alisha reading him a book to get him to settle down and to remind him that she's still there, even though he can't see her:

I am proud of Alisha for undergoing such a tumultuous time and still being brave enough to remain positive for Roscoe's benefit, and still having faith in God when immediate healing hasn't been granted (though we've asked time and time again).


  1. Roscoe knows he has special parents! Alisha had been very strong and you have too. You are both doing an amazing job! Such good examples of walking in the Light! Praying!

  2. Stay strong you guys, I am praying every day for healing for Roscoe. Keep asking. I heard someone on the radio a few years ago talking about praying for big things...he said people are afraid to ask God for things that seem too hard, or out of reach, forgetting that our God is powerful beyond our understanding. I have thought of that message often regarding Roscoe and "shoot for the moon" when I pray for him! Thank you for updating so often, I know I'm not tye only one who checks often during the day to see how Roscoe is doing. And what a precious picture of him holding Alisha's finger.

  3. God bless Alisha!!! And God bless you, too Shaun!!!
    Thank you for reading to Roscoe, talking to him, singing to him, touching him, cleaning him, laughing with him, playing 'wiggle! wiggle!' with him and teaching him to throw a baseball in the future!
    Roscoe is so blessed to have you as his parents!!!
    We're glad you' ve found some good nurses, too, but I bet Roscoe's anxious to get back "home" to his beloved Rena....and his foot piano!

  4. You are such wonderful parents,you should both be so proud of all you do for your precious son.God chose wisely when he sent you Roscoe.Stay strong Roscoe we are praying hard for you sweetie :)
    Rock on sweet boy x x

  5. The healing power of the familiar human voice is yet another of God's amazing blessings. Don't ever think that touching or singing or telling a story or even smiling is insignificant. Roscoe needs it all & you both are doing a beautiful work.

  6. We love the constant love and tenderness you give to Roscoe! He is blessed to have you both as his parents! Praying continuously!

  7. You both are such awesome parents to Roscoe. Love you all!

  8. Yes he is very blessed to have you both as his parents. I came across this today and thought some of his songs could bring you all comfort.

    With love,
    Hayleigh Bowen

  9. That compliment goes for both of you! You both have done nothing less than any loving parent. God is blessing you in ways that might not be showing right now and some that are. Your little Roscoe and you both give me strength in my faith. It reminds me to pray and remember that God is with us. I am proud of both of you and am greatly blessed to know you. All my love and prayers go to your beautiful family.