Monday, June 30, 2014

Ronald McDonald House

A few days ago, Alisha and I got a room at the Ronald McDonald House here in San Francisco. When we arrived we put our names onto the list and luckily a spot opened up, so now we can stay here. The house is a charity organization that provides housing and other resources to families of critically ill children. With this opening, now we are able to stay only a few miles from Roscoe with the comfort of our own space.

In our room (#9) we have a bed, a sink, a small couch, a desk and reliable internet access (which I use to write these blog posts). We share a bathroom with the room next door to us, but haven't hit any conflicts so far. God has provided for us so greatly through this entire process that we haven't had to pay one single hospital bill, pay for a single hotel room, or even pay much for parking or transportation. It is hard to leave my home and live in a strange city for a few months, but if it has to happen then this is the easiest way to do so. God is good and has provided for us in many ways.


  1. SO awesome!! Thank you, Father! Love you three VERY much!!!!

  2. God is good!
    I hope you all have a good day today!
    Love to all three!

    1. We, like Tif, are also continuing to pray for a miracle!!!

  3. So happy this has happened. I had heard this was a great organizaation. Love you 3 lots.

  4. Glad to hear you have something to come "home" to. I hope it's comfortable!
    I will continue to pray for a miracle!
    Love you three!

  5. I'm sure it helps to have a space where you can close the door and regroup. Continuing prayers of peace and hope for you both, comfort and calm for Roscoe, and wisdom and clarity for healthcare providers.
    Love you all

  6. I have heard such good things about the Ronald McDonald House program. I'm so happy to hear unit #9 is now your home away from home. I will picture you there as I pray for your family.

  7. So glad that you have a quiet space to regroup. We're thinking of the three of you all the time.

  8. The Lord provides. Whenever i see this charity promoted in a McDonalds, i will do my best to contribute & will always think of Roscoe & you two. Thank You, God, McDonalds, & good giving citizens.

  9. Praying continuously for you and Roscoe. Asking for a miracle. Glad to hear you have close accommodations. Thinking of you all day long. Love,Caroline