Friday, June 27, 2014

Songs of Encouragement

For those who follow this blog and may not be connected to our network of friends through facebook, I wanted to post a few links. These links are to gospel songs that were sung in support of Roscoe. Alisha and I have been touched by the prayers that have been worded, artwork that has been crafted, and now songs that have been sung in support of Roscoe.
I especially connect with the introductory words of the song "What the Lord has done in me" because of how specifically it relates to Roscoe's life. When we'd sung the song at church I always correlated it with Roscoe's story, but I never told anyone this so it was interesting that Sephra chose to sing the same song.

When the song says "let the weak say I am strong", I think of how Roscoe was barely able to lift his own arms when he was born, but now he can thrash anything put into his hands. When the song says "let the poor say I am rich", I think of how impoverished Alisha and I would be if all of these medical bills came to us (by now he has most likely crossed the $3 million mark). We still have not been asked to pay one medical bill, rent one hotel room, or pay practically any parking fees while caring for Roscoe. When the song says "let the blind say I can see" I think of how when he was born he could barely open his eyes because the lids were fused shut, and now his eyes are so big and bright that they almost seem unmatched to his face.

God has truly blessed Roscoe with growth, and Roscoe wouldn't be here (or be the little man he is today) without God's support and healing. We pray that God will carry out this work to its completion and bring our little boy home, healthy and stable despite the odds against him.


  1. Thanks for sharing! That is encouraging to us too! Love you three TONS!!!

  2. With tears in my eyes, I am still praising God. He is good. I am so thankful for the encouragement from everywhere, and I know you and Alisha are thankful, too.
    We love you and will keep begging God to work miracles in Roscoe's life. We know He has done it already and He is able to do it again.
    Love you three!

  3. God HAS blessed Roscoe and all of us! We are praying wth you and hope Roscoe's healthy homecoming will be soon! I've imagined several times his homecoming and people being asked to keep quiet to not upset him, so there are crowded streets full of silent people singing praises under their breath!
    Thanks for the links & updates : )