Friday, June 27, 2014

What the hospital room feels like

We share some cute baby videos and pictures and then descriptions of new machines or procedures that have come to Roscoe, but for the most part the hospital room just feels like this all day:

There is constant beeping from his heart monitor (upper left) and a periodic shrill blast of air from his ventilator (on the right). When Alisha and I aren't on our phones or attending to him, this is basically what we do in the hospital room. Our eyes glance up at the monitors, then back at Roscoe, then over at another monitor, then back at Roscoe, etc. I am thankful that he has these monitors, because without them some of his problems would have gone undetected or mistreated, however they have a tendency to drive us nuts if we don't tune them out.

Just play this video on repeat and you'l know how it feels to be here with us. Then you might need to go out for a walk in the fresh air to clear your head too. Thank you for praying!

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  1. I can come take a walk with you guys anytime!!!! Holla- Love you 3!!!