Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Arrival at UCSF

Roscoe's first day back at UCSF has gone well. We drove down late last night and arrived at UCSF at around 1:45am. Unfortunately, the helicopter was delayed by a pilot change, so they picked up Roscoe later than expected from Roseville. The helicopter landed at SFO airport when we arrived, so we beat them by a good amount of time. We fell asleep in the car parked out on the street and woke up around 4:15am with Roscoe having arrived about an hour and a half prior.

During his last visit to UCSF (see the posts during late January and early February), he was admitted to the cardiac ICU on the 7th floor. This time, Roscoe is amongst peers in the NICU on the 15th floor. Here's the view we had early in the morning from a window on that floor:

Once we exit the elevator, there's a long hallway that's a color pink which hasn't been used tastefully since the 1970's. At the end of that hallway is the entrance to the NICU: 

Thankfully, we still have a free parking pass from our first visit to UCSF (good through August), so we were able to park our car for the day. After making sure that Roscoe got settled in comfortably, they gave us a "room" to sleep in just down the hall. It is intended as a single sleeper, so I got a pad on the floor and Alisha got the sofa. By the picture below, you can tell why I put the word "room" in quotes. Despite the cramped quarters, we slept well for a few hours until around 9am.

Then we went to spend most of the day with Roscoe. Right now he is in his own room because they don't have space elsewhere in the NICU:

It felt a little like camping with no shower, a lack of sleep, but a gladness that we were here safely. Just like camping, we also brushed our teeth outside in the wilderness, just like God intended:

Tonight we'll stay in the "room" again, and tomorrow will lodge at La Casa de Amy, Ricardo, y Timoteo.


  1. Wow! That picture of the closet...I mean room they gave you to sleep in is setting off my claustrophobia.
    Glad there was nothing super eventful and we'll be praying throughout your stay in SF.
    Love you three!

  2. 19 years ago they had a shower for parents. Check it out! Don't hesitate to insist on a private room if you want to stay in it either! Did that 19 years ago too! Love you

  3. Y'all're adorable! Prayers continuing for all of you.