Thursday, June 12, 2014

Risky Trach Tube Replacement

I just got off the phone with the neonatologist with a very serious conversation. The conversation was of the nature "we are going to do a risky procedure to stabilize him, but in case it goes wrong you might want to be here". It was a conversation I didn't like to be a part of.

Kaiser located another trach tube that will allow them to totally block off Roscoe's airway (beneficially). This will give them the ability to completely control the air pressure going into his lungs, even in the presense of pulmonary hypertension. Right now, when his lungs tense up (pulmonary hypertension) all of the air they are pushing in through the trach tube goes out through his mouth and nose. This means that his pulmonary hypertension prevents his lungs from getting the air they need, which is likely what caused his heart rate to drop earlier today and require CPR.

The difficulty with putting in the new trach tube is that Roscoe is hypersensitive and his pulmonary hypertension may react to the process of putting it in. If his pulmonary hypertension flares up drastically, it could be fatal. The surgeon who inserted the original trach tube will be putting in the new trach tube as well. The big risk with this procedure is that Roscoe's pulmonary hypertension will trigger, drop his heart rate, and he will be unable to recover. The procedure will begin when the surgeon arrives after his other surgeries, so it will occur at 4pm or later (possibly within an hour).

Please pray with all of your might. Roscoe needs God's help to get through this troublesome time.


  1. Praying. We are sorry to hear that he has to go through another procedure today and that it is so risky. Praying that God places his loving arms around all three of you. We love you all and can't imagine what you are feeling right now, just know you are all loved and that we are praying for you all!

  2. Praying for your little guy.