Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Surgery at 2:30pm

Today is the day of Roscoe's rescheduled surgeries. The surgeries are scheduled for 2:30pm, but as we all know that means things can change. If things go according to plan, his surgeries will last for around 1.5 to 2 hours, so we should have him back by 5pm. He will be heavily sedated and on pain medication.

Early this morning they will put an IV in Roscoe's arm and they will stop his feedings after 8am, so that his stomach is empty for the surgeries. For most of the day up until his surgeries, he will look like this:

We took the video above last Friday when he was waiting for his surgeries to start. They remove his clothes so that they don't need to mess with taking them off prior to sedating him. You'll also notice that the mouth bar normally taped to his face is removed, because it would get in the way of the tracheostomy. On his right hand in the video you can see the IV with a brace to keep him from wiggling it too much. As always, Alisha is right there with him all day to make sure he stays safe and calm.

Hopefully the next time we take a picture like the one below, Alisha and Roscoe will be looking face-to-face with nothing to block them from seeing eachother:
Roscoe loves his mommy


  1. His poor little arm kinda reminds me of putting tape on the bottom of a cat's feet.
    Love you three!