Saturday, June 21, 2014

Like the Back of a VCR

Roscoe is starting to look like the back of a VCR with all of the wires running out of him. Yesterday we got to the hospital a little later than usual. He received a new PICC line in his right arm (which I believe was his 4th) which will be a long-term IV which runs a tube through his artery and near to his heart. If you'd like to see what Alisha's PICC line looked like, click here to see what was outside her arm and here to see the rest of the tube that ran through her veins. The PICC line will be used to deliver Roscoes sedative and painkiller. He also got an arterial IV in his left arm (which was a surprise to us) which they will use to draw blood. This will hopefully prevent further needle pokes and allow his other veins to heal.

With these two new IVs, Roscoe has a total of 3 IVs again (foot, left arm, right arm) along with sensors for CO2, oxygenation, heart rate, breathing rate, and another sensor to measure the fluid content in his system. This is what his room looks like as a whole:

In the upper left is the screen that displays his heart rate (green), blood pressure (red), fluid content (white), breathing rate (yellow) and oxygenation (blue):

Below that screen on a small shelf is another machine which monitors his CO2 levels through a sensor attached to his leg. They measure his CO2 because higher levels of CO2 will cause Roscoe's blood vessels to constrict which will increase his blood pressure:

To the right of the screen is a small green screen that controls his continuous feeding (currently at 27mL per hour). Below the screen are two separate pumps that run fluid through his unused IVs to keep them flushed to prevent clogging:

Below Roscoe's bed is a small machine that was injecting potassium into his system to replace any that he lost due to the diuretics he's been taking this past week to keep him from building up fluid in his lungs while he's on nitric oxide. 

To the right of Roscoe's bed is the machine that supplies his oxygen at a specified breathing rate and pressure. The top line on the chart you can see a distinction between the breaths that Roscoe is making (smaller) and the breaths that the machine is making (larger):

The output of that machine gets mixed with nitric oxide by another machine further to the right. For those who've read this far, despite the lack of cute baby pictures, you'll be excited to learn that last night his nitric oxide was at 15ppm and Roscoe wasn't stable enough to be weaned to 10ppm. That's exciting because tonight when we left, he was extremely stable at a level of 7ppm:

Tomorrow we hope to have lots of cute baby pictures (and maybe some videos) to share which will show our little man in his new larger crib. He continues to look better each day, which is very encouraging to us. We are confident that God is watching over Roscoe and giving him this improvement in direct response to the prayers all of you are making.


  1. Thanks so much for keeping us updated! It is encouraging to hear about his progress!
    Love you three!

  2. Thanks for the new information on Roscoe and the good news about the nitrous oxide weaning! I see Roscoe still has his little ducky friend! We continue to keep all of you in our requests to our Father. He is so good! We love you three!

  3. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for the marvels of scientists who are responsible to help. Seems as though Roscoe is going to keep everyone 'on their toes. Love ya all so much.

  4. As an ICU nurse, this post was very interesting to me and gave me a better of understanding of Roscoe's current situation. Thanks for sharing - we are praying for you 3 every day! ~The Horns, London KY

  5. As soon as I check my computer in the morning I head for the Roscoe update. Then last thing at night I check again. Thank you for updating. Prayers always.

    1. .....and check again at 9, 10, 11, 12 noon, 1, 2, etc. etc. Yes, and praying, praying, praying!

  6. I like all of the in-depth info. I think when you and Alisha have a spare moment that you should challenge some of the tests that doctors and nurses have to take in their efforts to get their license. Perhaps you could add a few letters to the end of your names!
    Love you all!

  7. Sweet baby all alone in that room with all those machines.....and that chair....
    .....and God!

    ("that chair" comment is from The Jerk movie. I guess if you have to explain jokes they aren't so funny!)

  8. Shaun, you never cease to amaze me, Your strength through all this is unbelievable, I know its because of your love and dedication to God. I love your detailed updates. I just want you to know that Vicki & I continually pray for you and Alisha and most of all little Roscoe.

    May God continue to Bless you all and Little Roscoe
    Love you all

  9. Our Father in heaven, Holy is Your Name! Father, we realize that your ways are higher than our ways, and your thoughts are higher than our thoughts, and we know that you monitor this sweet and precious baby every moment. And I realize, Father, that you create good from the very worst of situations. At this time, Father, I hold up this precious infant and his parents to you, and beg for healing and development for this little body and for relief from the emotional suffering and stress for the parents and extended family. I plead for this baby, that his body and spirit will grow and develop into a strong young man, and that Roscoe will do great things in your Name! Please bless Roscoe, bless his parents and family, and bless all of us who have followed his story with the renewal of his health! May Yours be the Glory in all things. In the name of Jesus, please let it be!

  10. I would think by now you would know we all hang on every word you write about Roscoe - cute baby pictures or not. Of course we love the posts with the pictures of Roscoe being happy and doing fun things, but you explain what is going on with him so well and I appreciate the time you take for every update. This news is so encouraging. Continuing in prayer for your little guy and you and Alisha.